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A new, faster, and better way to drug test your employees! Not only will it expedite your hiring processes, but it will also save you a lot of money - you might even cut your costs by half. Using new technology, early answers about your potential hire could be available for you on the same day, even at the same time as they are filling out their paperwork.

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Why Choose ClearLogics for Employee Drug Testing?

If your candidate has a negative drug test during the early stage of the hiring process, you can then quickly decide to either proceed with required lab testing or not. Following our exclusive process will allow you to save on administrative, onboarding and background screening expenses. Think about the savings you could enjoy by not having to pay large fees for testing if your employee is involved in an accident. In speaking with DSPs across the country, we are hearing of prices ranging from $120 to $190 for a drug test when an employee is hurt or involved in an accident, and have to use after-hour care centers or even emergency rooms. If the accident doesn't involve serious injury, you can pay the same low price for these post accident tests using ClearLogics.

Our Testing Process

Lab results are automatically transmitted to you - as soon as they are ready - from our well-known national reference lab that performs the lab-based analysis.  This will allow you to get your new hire into training quickly, preventing further delays from results being held up by your current provider. You can use our solution to test just your employees or you can align with other DSPs in your station to test them for additional revenue. There is simply no need for costly solutions with high overhead as we offer very minimal entry costs to use our services. 

    MRO review is automatically included for lab samples sent to complete the hiring process, for less than you are paying now.

    Compliance with Amazon hiring processes is assured, preventing any breach of contract issues.

    Insurance is in place to cover you in the event that an issue arises while using our solution.                 

    The Faster, More Affordable Employment Testing Model.

    We are truly excited to bring this opportunity to you. If interested, please fill out the on-page form above and someone will be in touch with you about the next steps!